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Hello world!

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Cheat Engines

I always  believe that if I cannot cheat a game in order to beat it , I delete it. Cheating is part of gaming , most producers of software also build in cheats because they recognize the fact that it is sometimes more fun to fly around and shoot the hell out of the monsters with big guns and non stop ammo. That is why I love with a vast library of cheats and trainers and also love to use Cheat engine 5.3 This will give you another insight into what actually happens in the game, that is if you understand something about assembler.

Allot of "real" gamers don’t like cheats and trainers because they believe it takes the competitive edge out of the game. They are correct , we cheat because we want to have fun and is that not why we play games. If you want to compete go do sports or get into politics.


Let me hear your opinion.



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